Doing a mount to a NFS share

jason andrade jason at
Wed Aug 21 16:51:00 CDT 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Bryan Evans wrote:

> Dec 20 13:17:59 client kernel: nfs: server www not responding, still trying
> Dec 20 13:22:43 client kernel: nfs_get_root: getattr error = 5
> As I said, this actually required a reboot of the server.  This same behaviour
> has been experienced by another admin running RedHat, and he also had to
> reboot which fixed the situation.

hmm, if you have onboard gigE which is Intel, try adding the following
to your modules.conf file near your e1000 line

options e1000 RxIntDelay=0

also, it's sometimes worth testing whether this is ethernet driver
related by rmmod e1000 ;  modprobe e1000  ; /etc/init.d/network start ;
/etc/init.d/nfs start

that is removing and reloading the ethernet driver and restarting
the network and nfs layers.



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