PowerEdge 2400 RAID performance

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Wed Aug 21 16:48:00 CDT 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Hubbard, David wrote:

> Yes, the solution is to use a different server or add a third
> party raid controller in to the 2400's, the piece of garbage
> that Dell calls a built-in raid controller on the 2400's
> stinks, it is very effective at making $1500 in disks behave
> like a slow IDE drive.

that's a little bit harsh dave :-)

some advice/things to check

o are you using hardware raid in your 2400 ?

o how much memory do you have in it ? (memory helps, even with
  write caching)

o if you are using the onboard raid, what stripe size did you use ?

o how poor is the performance on writes ? Megabytes/sec ? Kilobytes?



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