dual HBA SAN attached + raid + LVM

Steve Mickeler steve at neptune.ca
Wed Aug 21 13:19:01 CDT 2002

As the subject says, Im interested in finding out if anyone out there
is currently using a setup such as this.

1 dell box, 2 PCI Fibre Channel cards hooked up to a SAN.

Linux raid multipath devices setup to create a single metadevice via the 2
paths back to the same disk.

Linux LVM on top of the raid multipath devices as each LUN is only ~7GB
and we will be creating striped volumes on top of the small LUNs.

I currently have all the hardware to do this but ran into a few snags that
have left me only reliably running with 1 HBA attached to the SAN.

Any real-life testimonials of a working setup as described above including
the hardware / software setup would be appreciated.


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