Linux on PowerVault755N ?

Karl-Olov Serrander kase at
Wed Aug 21 07:13:01 CDT 2002

Hi !

This is perhaps a little off topic.

We have a PC-system with
3 PowerEdge 2550 with Windows 2000 Adv Server
2 PowerVault 755N with Windows 2000 Adv Server, one with SFU (Services For Unix)
2 PowerVault 210S (disk)
1 PowerVault 136 T (tape)

The PowerVault 755N with SFU should work as a NFS-fileserver for machines
running AIX and SunOS, but we have not been able to make root-access to NFS
filesystems on PowerVault755N work.

Dell Support has unfortunately not been able to help us with a working solution.

Can we reuse the PowerVault 755N with Redhat Linux on ?
Will it run at all ? What problems can we count on (besides being unsupported) ?
Can we access PowerVault 136 T ?

Karl-Olov Serrander kase at

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