packet loss in heavy network load under 2.4 kernel

jason andrade jason at
Wed Aug 21 03:25:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Bergs wrote:

> My kernel is 2.4.16.
> when I use th smartbit test device to test the performance of eepro100 driver 1.23b version.
> I test it on a intel s220 server with two intel 82550PM chip network interface.The data flow  generated by smartbit device come into the NIC 1 and come out from NIC 2.
> when the data load is 25% of 100Mbps,bi-directional,64byte frame size,and the test duration is 60 second,the test result display that serious packet loss take place. when the duration decrease to 10 second,the other test condition matain unchanged,no packet losss.
> I wonder whether the memory is out of use.
> I want to know why this happen? and how to solve it ?

hi bergs,

some things to consider:

o have you ensure it's nothing hardware related ? e.g replaced
  cables ? cards ? tried a different switch ?

o have you considered updating your kernel and/or drivers ?  the
  current kernel is 2.4.19 (and 2.4.18-5 if redhat).  the e100
  driver from intel is at 2.0.30 i believe, i don't know what
  the latest eepro revision is.  at the very least it would be
  interesting to know if you get exactly the same results using
  the intel driver.



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