linux 7.3 on poweredge 4600

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Tue Aug 20 19:53:01 CDT 2002

Sigh, I always fail to give enough info on these lists....

see below:

> > We are looking at buying the PowerEdge 4600 w/Dual 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, 2
> > 36GB SCSI in RAID 1, with extra PERC3/DC RAID controller which will
> > controller the following external drives: PowerEdge220S w/8x73GB
> > 10Kdrives. Also looking to put this in a Dell 4210 Rack w a Triplite 2200
> > UPS to back everything up.
> >
> > We want to run Red Hat Linux 7.3 Pro, with ext3 on this bad boy.
> >
> > I know this is a Dell mailing list. Can I get some responses from people
> > if they have similar eq, how does it perform, how does the hardware match
> > with Red Hat linux 7.3, etc. etc.
> >
> > Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advnace,
> it's a nice config but you haven't said what you actually want to do with
> it which makes it difficult to comment appropriately other than "nice" :-)

Fileserver maily. Also might want to run sendmail on it, but I'm pushing
to move that to a different system. We need 1/2 TB, with expansion
capability to 1TB. Supports 500+ users. However, concurrent R/W is very
low, no more than 30 at the busiest times (rare), average at 5-10. Most
data is large binary image files.

> o if this is an important system, upgrade the next day onsite warranty to
>   4 hour same business day

Hmm, your probably right. I'd hate to wait a whole day cause the
motherboard failed. I'm just trying to keep it under 20K...

> o if you only needed 8 73G drives, why buy the external unit ?  it's more
>   cost effective to buy stuff fully populated if you can, e.g 14 drives
>   now rather than later.

We must have fileserver space of at least 1/2TB in RAID 5, AND the server
drives must be RAID1. Since the servers only carry 8 drives, we must go
with a storage system as well. And that's fine because we want to
expand in the future, and I'm assuming I can just buy exact same
drives and put them into the system myself?

Or maybe we should go with the rack mount server (2650), which by the
logic you suggest would be more cost-effective because we would fully
populate it. I got a quote for that two.

> o again, if it is an important unit, consider buying it with 3*36G drives
>   so you can configure a failover in the event of failure (and they
>   *will* fail) to minimize the window of unprotected storage

Already on this dude. I plan on getting 5 drives in the system. 2 in RAID
1, 1 drive for swap, and 2 for replacements. I just didn't mention this

> o the perc3/dc is good, make sure you configure it with battery backup if
>   this is available.  also, do you need spectacular read/write performance?
>   if so, you might need to reconsider this choice (the QC appears to be much
>   faster based on other posts on this list)

Hmm, we don't need "spectacular" performance. I want to get the redundant
power supply, as well as battery.

> o you haven't said anything about backing this up..

We have ADSM / Magstar tape backup in place that will do that job.

If you have any more comments, I'd love to hear them. It's good to see
this list gets some activity.


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