linux 7.3 on poweredge 4600

jason andrade jason at
Tue Aug 20 17:22:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Alexander Lazarevich wrote:

> We are looking at buying the PowerEdge 4600 w/Dual 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, 2
> 36GB SCSI in RAID 1, with extra PERC3/DC RAID controller which will
> controller the following external drives: PowerEdge220S w/8x73GB
> 10Kdrives. Also looking to put this in a Dell 4210 Rack w a Triplite 2200
> UPS to back everything up.
> We want to run Red Hat Linux 7.3 Pro, with ext3 on this bad boy.
> I know this is a Dell mailing list. Can I get some responses from people
> if they have similar eq, how does it perform, how does the hardware match
> with Red Hat linux 7.3, etc. etc.
> Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advnace,

it's a nice config but you haven't said what you actually want to do with
it which makes it difficult to comment appropriately other than "nice" :-)

things to consider:

o if this is an important system, upgrade the next day onsite warranty to
  4 hour same business day

o if you only needed 8 73G drives, why buy the external unit ?  it's more
  cost effective to buy stuff fully populated if you can, e.g 14 drives
  now rather than later.

o again, if it is an important unit, consider buying it with 3*36G drives
  so you can configure a failover in the event of failure (and they
  *will* fail) to minimize the window of unprotected storage

o the perc3/dc is good, make sure you configure it with battery backup if
  this is available.  also, do you need spectacular read/write performance?
  if so, you might need to reconsider this choice (the QC appears to be much
  faster based on other posts on this list)

o you haven't said anything about backing this up..



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