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I'm assuming for 4.47.15, you used the RPM?  Try adding "options scsi_mod
scsi_allow_ghost_devices=1" to your /etc/modules.conf.  Reload the qlogic
driver and you should be able to see everything.  This is a CLARiiON
specific thing that was put into AS 2.1, 7.3 and on.  As well, EMC has
worked with QLogic to put some other EMC-specific things into their revs so
that might also account for it.

I guess I should also mention that if you used the RPM from QLogic's
website, that options statement should already be in your modules.conf, but
as things are working with the 4.47.15, I'd stick with that.


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On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 4:38 AM jason andrade wrote: 
> EMC says use driver X for support with EMC Clariion Dell Equipment
> RedHat Linux
> RedHat Linux says use driver Y for support with EMC Clariion Dell
> Equipment with RedHat Linux

It gets better...

When using the QLogic driver that ships w/ RH AS 2.1 (5.31.RH1), we
could only see half our Clariion LUN's (those on the first SP found).
When using the latest driver available from QLogic (5.38.9-fo), we could
see the other half (but not the first).  This "EMC Qualified" driver
(4.47.15) is the only one that works in our environment[1].


[1] so far, works is defined as 'able to _see_ all the drives'.  

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