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Zachary_Reneau@Dell.com Zachary_Reneau at Dell.com
Fri Aug 16 08:10:00 CDT 2002


It's been a while but we have finally been building the server that you
helped me get running with Red Hat 6.2 sbe2.
But we have run into a small snag - we are attempting to patch the kernel to
update to a newer kernel version for security reasons and the updates fail.
Our guess is the sbe2 version does not like the pure 6.2 updates we have
found on the Red Hat site.
Do you know of updates for the 6.2 sbe2 version available from Dell? If so,
what do I have to download.

Thank you in advance,

Jason Marek
Eastern Connecticut State University
Marekj at easternct.edu

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