noisy PE 2650 servers - ERA firmware upgrade info

David Borg-Breen breen at
Thu Aug 15 17:01:01 CDT 2002

Thanks to Steve_Boley at for help with this.

The missing pieces to getting the upgrade to download via tftp:

(1)  racser/racvnc need to be running:

> Is the racser service and the racvnc services running?  If not then you need
> to install the rpm's for these services and get them up and running and then
> the flash will work.  Your other problem might be specifying the filename in
> the path.  Try it with both the filename and also blank and see which one
> works right.  You have to extract the files as well and give the filename
> for the flashimage file.
> Steve

(2)  FIRMIMG.BM1 file (from the download .zip) needs to be renamed as lower-case.

> Just learned today, rename all of the letters in filename that is extracted
> to lowercase and will then flash, has to do with some kind of syntax issue
> with the bios of the era.  Rename the firmimg.bm1 to lowercase and bam it
> will work.
> Steve

-David Borg-Breen

David Borg-Breen wrote:
> Hi -
> I read the July posts on this topic - particularly the message from Even Glemmestad:
> > Download the ERA Firmware upgrade off of
> >
> >
> > If you don't allready know this, the PE2650 has an on-board remote access
> > controller (Embedded R. A.) that you can use for power management (powerup,
> > powerdown, etc.), remote monitoring (temp sensors and such), and console
> > redirection, among other things. If you set the IP address of the ERA (can
> > be done from the ERAs bios), you can access the ERA via pointing a
> > webbrowser to the IP. The ERA has a separate TP port located at the far
> > right on the back of the PE2650.
> >
> >
> >
> > Rgds,
> > Even Glemmestad [CCNP,MCSE-NT,MCSE-2K,CNA,LCP]
> > L2 / Senior Server Technician, Nordic Region
> > Technical Support, Dell Computer Corporation
> I downloaded the zip-format firmware upgrade file.
> I copied it to /tftpboot on the PE2650 and un-zipped it.
> I enabled in.tftpd and verified that I could tftp-get the files
> from another system.
> I opened a browser window to the ERA, clicked Update, entered
> the IP address of the PE2650 and clicked Begin Update - and got
> the following error:
>    Firmware Update
>       TFTP transmission error (Bad IP address, incorrect path,
>       or file size too small or too large).
> Did I miss something?  Has anyone gotten this to work?
> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
> -David Borg-Breen

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