Linux browser/jre combination to remotely power on PE1650 via ERA ?

Harold van Oostrom pedge at
Thu Aug 15 12:43:01 CDT 2002

Hello all,

Two weeks ago we bought a few PE1650's, with ERA/O to remotely manage 
them.  However the applets served by the card (`RMC Webserver 2.0')
do not appear to work properly in any browser/jre combination available
on linux. Thus we cannot e.g. remotely boot the machine.

We use linux only (well only non-ms anyway) but were told that that 
was no problem and were refered to
which says `Netscape 5 or higher with Java 1.1' on `RedHat 7.1 or later'
are supported. I know of no `Netscape 5' and everything that runs on 
redhat 7.2 or 7.3 seems to want jre 1.3 and up. However the applets
do not appear to work properly under any newer jre.

The signed applet window comes up, then a satus message `Applet started' 
but nothing shows up. I discovered that reloading the page will bring up
the login window, but after entering the defaults (root, calvin) 
it only shows `Logging in ...' but nothing happens and a tcpdump reveals 
that nothing is going over the wire anymore either !

There are few posts by others (thread: ERA firmware update) 
that seem to confirm this.
The servers will be in a rack 60 miles away so `walking over with a
laptop running XP' is not an option. Besides, we don't *have* any 
ms stuff.

Did anybody find a working browser/jre combination ?
Any help greatly appreciated as we we would like to get the 
machines into the rack and into production asap.
They make an awful lot of noise over here too ;-)

I thought I'ld also share with the list how I got the 
OMSA 1.1.0 installer to handle redhat 7.3. 
After reading up on this list before posting I noticed
but as this doesn't require a 100MB download here goes anyway:

( o use the uninstall script to undo any failed installs if needed )
o rebuild and install rac11/linux/racser-src-1.2-1.src.rpm
o copy the cdrom to disk and patch the rac11/linux/installRacFuncs
  script (with attached patch)
o proceed as normal (i.e. run or

Now the ERA/O card nicely shows up under 
System -> Main System Chassis -> Remote Access Controller

Here is the version info:
Name                                 Version     Serv Admin Updateable
BIOS                                 A06              N/A
Baseboard Management Controller      1.48             N/A
Primary Backplane                    0.28             N/A
Sensor Data Records SDR Version      0.26             N/A
Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla) Kernel 2.4.18-5  N/A
Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 1.1.0            N/A
Remote Access Controller Firmware Firmware Version 1.10 (Build 14 1) Perform Update

Thank you for your time,

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> rhlin73="2.4.18-5"
> 	elif [ ".$kVer" = ".$rhlin73" ]; then
> 		pkgBase="rh72"									# RH Linux 7.3

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