afacli pdf documentation

Fabrice LORRAIN fabrice.lorrain at
Thu Aug 15 11:50:00 CDT 2002


Is there an official pdf/ps version of "Dell Command Line Interface 
Reference 2.1" somewhere ??

If not, could some one at dell send the following wishlist bug to the 
right internal team :

(the container command page for afacli) is broken :
ie no indication that you only got the 1st page out of 4. Some 
navigation link might help

- build a printable version of this doc (pdf for consistancy :-)

- PUT this guide (pdf or html version) on Dell "Product Documentation" 
CD.... I've been expecting that to happen for the last 2 years... Still 
not there (version 3.1, May 2002, P/N 6P881 Rev. A00) with the CDs 
shipped with our PE2650.



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