Linux & Dell/EMC SAN

Benito Venegas venevene at
Wed Aug 14 23:16:00 CDT 2002

Good night Jason:

I don;t have any new model DELL/EMC SAN.

If this info help you, only I have two systems each one with 630F and 650F 
plus qla2200  (mm...which one has an extra F?? sorry it's late :)

Both systems are attached to  PE 2450, with RH 7.2 and kernel 
2.4.9-31SGI_XFS  :) (yes!! or not Seth?:)

I will play with 2.4.19 in 2 weeks more (I can not use Prod. System 
2 for now)

We share in total  1 TB using nfs-utils-0.3-X (I am sleepy in this 
momment) and no problem at this momment.

I want to have the new ones SAN, but let's wait for 2003 budget 1st.

When are we going to complete 1000 users in the list Matt? (including the 
new CBS Watch News list? :P)

Good night boys (any girl??)


On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, jason andrade wrote:

> On 14 Aug 2002, Jeff Wolfe wrote:
> > On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 Gary_Lerhaupt at wrote:
> >
> > > EMC has announced Red Hat 7.3 and Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 qualification
> > > on their CLARiiON line.
> >
> > Is anyone using a shared filesystem on top of their Linux SAN rigs?
> > Reliability? Cost?
> does _anyone_ have a linux SAN rig ?  i went down this track almost 2 years ago
> and at the time the only player in the market was GFS/Sistina.
> i have not heard of anything further down the track so i'd love to know if people
> are doing this yet.  i have > 1TB now in a direct attach fcal deployment which
> i'd like to scale up an order of magnitude..
> regards,
> -jason

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