PowerEdge 2650 & Redhat 7.3

Steve Mickeler steve at neptune.ca
Wed Aug 14 12:42:00 CDT 2002

The 3com 3c996 copper gig card is also based on the broadcom 570x chipset
as well.

I've had great luck with the tigon3 driver with the broadcom chip but I
still prefer the Intel E1000 copper gig nic over the Broadcom based nic.

Also, anyone know where in the world to find a DOS NDIS driver for the
broadcom nic ? I usually use symantec's ghost to image servers once I've
built an install I'm happy with and I'm not able to use ghost on the
broadcom based servers we have because of the lack of the DOS NDIS


On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Aly Dharshi wrote:

> >
> > Personally I think the broadcom cards are CRAP and should be incenerated
> > to save some poor sysadmin a terrible day at work. (like me, instead of
> > reinstalling nt4 till 9:30PM !)
> 	I will second this, I know the feeling of having to struggle with this card 5700.
> I think that Dell should look into the 3Com scene they have some decent cards
> but not the one that is similar to the Broadcom one that they seem to also have.
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