Confirm Your CBS MarketWatch Membership

CBS MarketWatch Membership membership at
Wed Aug 14 10:25:01 CDT 2002

Your CBS MarketWatch membership confirmation is needed.

Dear Non4,

Thanks for becoming a CBS MarketWatch member!  Please click on the link below 
to confirm your new membership:

To continue enjoying the benefits of membership, you must click on the link 
above within two weeks of the date on this e-mail. If you received this e-mail 
in error and did not register for a CBS MarketWatch account, simply do 
nothing and the account will not be registered. 

To see a list of features available to you as a member, visit

Again, thank you for becoming a member of CBS MarketWatch.

Bill Bishop
EVP and General Manager
CBS MarketWatch


*If clicking on the link did not confirm your membership, please follow the 
instructions below:

Copy and paste the link into your Web browser's 'address' or 'location' 
bar. Select the link above starting with http:// (it may include one line or 
more). Copy it by selecting the 'Edit' menu and then 'Copy'. 
Then open your Web browser and paste the link into the box where you usually see Web page addresses
(in the 'Edit' menu select 'Paste'). Finally click 'Enter' or 'Go'. Be sure to copy and paste the
link exactly and do not add any extra spaces.

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