PowerEdge 2650 & Redhat 7.3

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 14 08:06:00 CDT 2002

At 08:41 14-8-2002 -0400, Brian K. Jones wrote:
>Has anyone heard anything from Dell about these issues?  Is there a
>solution?  Is this a known problem without a solution?  Knowing this
>would save me some research and 'google-time'.

If they do any form of endurance testing I think someone is bound to notice 
this. And no resinserting the utp cable doesn't get the card going again.

You need to unload the module or reboot the box. Neither is an option.

Broadcom does have some email addresses on the site and they will respond 
to your inquiries but it takes for them to cook up something and they said 
to pass on the problems in stated. I have not heard any news if they found 
the problem or not or saw any new drivers on the dell site.

Another sidenote is that the "older" bcm5700 cards work decently well and 
the bcm5701 cards (entirely different layout and chips) have more issues.

The bcm5701 gives NDIS is resetting the miniport driver in NT4 after 
reapplying SP6a
The bcm570x reports SNMP stats incorrectly
The bcm5701 frequently locks up (once every 2 weeks)
The bcm5700 locks up once every 2 months
The bcm5701 snmp extensions for NT4 crash the snmp.exe on bootup (by 
consuming all memory)
The bcm570x after deinstalling the drivers for nt4 the box would bootup 
till the logon prompt and then BSOD

So far the bcm5700 works best if you are looking for a working card. I 
decided to switch off all onboard cards and replace the add-in boards with 
Intel boards. The only thing they prove to be good for is using them in 
desktops which get switched off every night.

Personally I think the broadcom cards are CRAP and should be incenerated to 
save some poor sysadmin a terrible day at work. (like me, instead of 
reinstalling nt4 till 9:30PM !)


It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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