How to monitor CERC RAID on PE500SE w/ RH 7.3?

JP Vossen vossenjp at
Mon Aug 12 22:33:01 CDT 2002

I just got a PE 500SC with a CERC ATA/100 IDE RAID controller.  RedHat 7.3
installed PERFECTLY, right out of the box (OK, right off the CD I burned from
the ISO image I downloaded from RedHat).  BUT, I can't figure out how to
monitor the array for performace, or more importantly a failed drive.

I messed around with the Server Assistant CD, and even tried
installing OpenManage CD:/sa46/linux/, but that gave me dcupdb32
shared object file erros for  I don't understand enough about
what the installer script and rpms are trying to do to go messing too much
with them, likewise the other Dell CD's don't seem to help.

I really don't care about any of the other mangagement stuff except monitoring
the RAID array, and I'm happy to do a script/cron job (like  I know RH 7.3
is not offically supported yet (why not, and when?!?), but I'm hoping someone
can point me in the right direction.  All the stuff on Matt's page talks about
PERC controllers, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the CERC.  It seems
like the CERC is more or less a MegaRAID variant (uses that driver anyway),

Though I many have missed something, I've been all over Matt's page, and
varous offical Dell pages:
Mailing list archive search (for CERC)

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