no more non-ms systems?

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Mon Aug 12 03:25:01 CDT 2002

Frank Louwers wrote:
> Hmm, just saw this on slashdot:
> The article only speaks about precisions, optiplex and latitude. How
> much chance is there that this "spreads" to our beloved poweredges?

It also appears that RHL has been removed from the Custom
Factory Integration (was DellPlus) program.  This was previously
the only method of ordering Linux pre-installed on non-PowerEdge
machines.  In August 2001 customers were encouraged to use DellPlus
when Dell quietly withdrew Linux support on its consumer-shipped
desktop machines.

Not sure if the events are related.  With Dell's annoying habit
of being exceeding coy about Linux support on desktop machines
it is difficult to tell.

Note that Australian consumers still have the choice of ordering
the machine with Windows, booting off the Linux install CD,
and approaching Dell for a refund under the Windows EULA.  I
believe the same applies in the USA.

Members of LinuxSA have done this to date with Toshiba, IBM and
Compaq.  Each time it has cost the vendor a small fortune in staff
hours.  You'd think Dell would have been bright enough to alter the
text on the "no OS" button to "EULA refund" and punt the problem
back to Microsoft.

It will be interesting to see just how much removing "no OS"
ends up costing Dell.  Certainly they're not going to see any
profit at all on machines where the EULA refund clause is
invoked, as hard-assed Linux bigots will assuredly do (and,
ironically, large organisations that follow the BSA audit
procedure will do -- too many licenses upset auditors just
as much as too few licenses).

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