no more non-ms systems?

Collins, Kevin KCollins at
Sat Aug 10 13:58:00 CDT 2002

I'm curious about this too...

My next major purchase (probably in mid-October) is going to include 2-1650s
and 2-2550s.  All of which would be either "non-OS" or RH Linux (probably
the later - so I can get support).  But if I have to order Windows Server on
the things just to get them, my accounting department will freak.

Anyone from Dell on the list have the real scoop?


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>Hmm, just saw this on slashdot:
>The article only speaks about precisions, optiplex and latitude. How
>much chance is there that this "spreads" to our beloved poweredges?
>I mean, we have a webhosting firm, and buy PE's (mostly fully equiped
>350's), because for 2000 EUR, we have a very good system that fits our
>needs perfectly, including 320 GB storage and a 3 year on-site
>contract. However, if we should have to add more than 600 EUR
>to that, I am inclined to look for another hardware supplier!
>Matt, do you have reassuring words for me (pretty please)?
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