[OT] Dell / Non-Profits / Special Deals?

Duncan Shannon duncan at premiertechcorps.com
Fri Aug 9 18:28:01 CDT 2002

Hi- Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.. i just happen to be on 
the list, and it kinda fits.  I work with some dells, and use linux 
obvioulsy. I write this email as I am mid-process of starting a 
non-profit web/email host for non-profits. The idea is to have a losely 
knit group of developers/coders/admins that would provide web/email 
hosting, web design services, web building/programming services.... most 
likely at a greatly reduced price. (you may ask, why not free!  ive 
talked to some people in non-profits, and some in a non-profit that 
helps non-profits manage themselves [http://mapnp.org] and they say it 
cant be free, they wont dedicat the time/resoureces to something they 
get for free...)

anyways... I've loved my poweredges, and was wondering if dell has any 
programs to donate hardware, or offer it at a great discount... I'd love 
to pick up something like a 1650 and run with it... Ive got rack space, 
i just need some decent hardware!

Is there a better place address this topic?

thanks, and sorry for the OffTopic Post.


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