PowerEdge 6100 and RedHat 7.x

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Wed Aug 7 22:19:00 CDT 2002


If you had a previous installed Operating System on the Logical Drive Array
that you are installing RH Linux on, you will need to "Initialize" the
Logical Drive Array before installing RH Linux.  

*Note:  U84 is the latest Firmware for that Raid Controller if you do have
the PERC II.

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Jeremy Sheard
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I'm trying to install RedHat Linux on a PowerEdge 6100 and am having a very
difficult time.  The install always hangs when loading the megaraid 
driver.  The install
log indicates that a logical drive can't be found.

I've been told that this system had Windows 2000 Advanced server loaded 
it will not boot now).  

I've tried installing RedHat 7.0, 7.2, 7.3 and Limbo (when all else 
fails, try a different
OS version) but I get stuck at the same point.  

The Raid Controller is a PERC Standard U84.

Am I missing something obvious?  Any suggestions would be greatly 


Jim Wiedman

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