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The Pro 1000/XT is newer than Red Hat 7.1, so there is no native support for
this card in this version of linux. You can do any one of several things to
correct this:
    1) the best option: Upgrade to the latest errata kernel for 7.1 from Red
    2) Download the driver for the e1000 for RH 7.1 from Dell's support

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I am running into a problem with Intel Pro 1000/XT on a PowerEdge 250 Dell
running RedHat 7.1. I have two Intel NICs, the other one is a built-in Intel
Pro 100, 
which works fine. I am using the e1000.o that comes with RedHat 7.1.
The problem is that my server doesn't seem to be able to detect the Pro
1000/XT NIC.
when I do a "insmod e1000, I got the following errors:
/lib/modules/ init_module: No such
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including
invalid IO
or IRQ parameters.
The Pro 100 NIC has IRQ 11, the Pro 1000/XT has IRQ 5, I am not sure about
the IO parameters.
Your help is appreciated.

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