Redhat 7.3, snmpd, Broadcom 5701

Brian K. Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 7 12:03:00 CDT 2002

Hi all (again).

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a minor flaw in the stock
ucd-snmp daemon that comes with Redhat 7.3.  When run on a Dell 2650,
running 'snmpwalk localhost public interfaces' shows the link speed as
only 10 meg, while mii-tool and everything else I could find to read the
NIC speed says it's been autoneg'd at 100 meg.  These Dells have the
Broadcom 5701 10/100/1000 NICs and use the tg3 driver.


Brian K. Jones
System Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University
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