RH 7.3, Dual Xeon 2650, 'top' and cpuinfo say I have 4 cpus!

Nathan Vack njvack at lithium.hsl.wisc.edu
Wed Aug 7 08:40:01 CDT 2002

Brian K. Jones wrote:
> W'sup with this?  Top and 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' both say I have a Quad
> Xeon box!  I've opened up one of these boxes, and there are only two
> cpus!

Aren't they SMT-enabled processors? The new P4 Xeons can run more than 
one thread at a time, and look rather like two CPUs to the OS. I 
remember hearing about licensing problems with some SMP software as a 
result of this... win2k server comes to mind.

I'm pretty sure the number of "real" versus virtual CPU's can be 
detected but perhaps kernel support isn't there yet...

So, there probably aren't any cleverly hidden chips in your box :)

HSL Systems
UW Madison

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