scsi timeouts and kernel panic: Perc3/Di and Adaptec 29160

Arne trashbin at
Wed Aug 7 06:37:00 CDT 2002

This gave me such a hard time that I figured I'd just add it to the 
mailing list in case someone searches the archives after running into 
the same problem:

I kept seeing "random" crashes with

scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 778229, scsi 3, channel 0, 
id 0, lun 0, write (10) 00 00 03 7a 85 00 00 10 00
SCSI host 3 abort (pid 778229 timed out - resetting
SCSI bus is being reset for host 3 channel 0
Kernel panic : scsi_free : Bad offset
In interrupt handler - not syncing

on our PowerEdge 4400 with Perc3/Di regardless of Bios/Firmware/RedHat 
version. In the end I removed the Adaptec 29160 card I used for a tape 
drive and the problem seems to have disappeared, even though it looks 
like a RAID controller problem from the kernel output. If there is a 
conflict caused by the operating system I have not been able to find 
indications of it, backing up data from the RAID devices to the 
tapedrive also worked.

Thanks to the people reading this list that have sent me 
suggestions over the past months : ) in Norway didn't even bother to reply when I asked for 
(linux or not) diagnostic suggestions to rule out hardware problems... : (


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