My experiences with six new Dell 2650's and RedHat Linux 7.2

Arjan Van de Ven arjanv at
Wed Aug 7 05:56:01 CDT 2002

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 04:09:19PM -0400, Russo, Ben wrote:
> found that there is no bcm5700 module support built into the 
> modules dir for the standard RedHat kernel?

Huh? Please look again, we do ship bcm5700

> Is there a way to take the standard RedHat kernel source and apply 
> the patches just for aacraid and bcm5700?  If so where would I get those
> patches?  Or even better yet, does Dell have the newer stable kernels in
> binary RPM form somewhere?

the PCI option hack shouldn't ever have been done and is not needed in newer

> I ended up disabling the broadcom adapters in the BIOS and putting 
> in a PCI 3Com card that works with no problems. But it is a shame to 
> waste those two on board NIC's and have to use a PCI slot for no 
> good reason.

You can cheat and install the 7.3 kernel and use the tg3 driver for

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