Non-RAID PE2650 SCSI problem Matt_Domsch at
Tue Aug 6 20:11:01 CDT 2002

> We have a PE 2650 with embedded AIC 7899 and 2 additional 
> 39160s - with RedHat 7.2 pre-installed by DELL.
> The system works fine with the 2 DELL-installed internal 
> disks connected
> to the 7899 - but gets a "kernel panic" trying to boot if I attach an
> external SCSI disk to either of the 39160s.  

You've got to re-make the initial ramdisk, with the following in

alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx
options aic7xxx aic7xxx=reverse_scan:1

The 39160 card is getting picked up first by the aic7xxx driver - you need
the onboard chips to get picked up first.  Make that change, then remake
your initial ramdisk, and you'll be fine.


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