Non-RAID PE2650 SCSI problem

David Borg-Breen breen at
Tue Aug 6 19:10:01 CDT 2002

Hi -

I would expect this would be obvious - but DELL's tech-support still
doesn't have an answer for me - even after purchasing "Direct Line Plus"
incident help.

We have a PE 2650 with embedded AIC 7899 and 2 additional 39160s - with
RedHat 7.2 pre-installed by DELL.

The system works fine with the 2 DELL-installed internal disks connected
to the 7899 - but gets a "kernel panic" trying to boot if I attach an
external SCSI disk to either of the 39160s.  I've tried this with different
disks - all of which work fine on other Sun or Compaq Unix boxes.

It appears the 2650 is trying to boot from the external disk.

/etc/modules.conf contained the single scsi_hostadapter entry:

    alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx

DELL-support had me try a couple variations with modules.conf - but
nothing has worked so far.

We installed RedHat updates - resulting in a kernel upgrade from
2.4.7-10smp to 2.4.9-34smp - but nothing changed.

Unfortunately I'm relatively new to RedHat and DELL (more experience
with other Unixes).

Help - can anyone suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance.

-David Borg-Breen

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