PE1650, DRAC III, RH7.3

Jean-Pierre Deckers j.deckers at
Tue Aug 6 09:02:01 CDT 2002

Hi all,

	We have recently received a few PE1650's, PERC3/Di, RAID-1, w/
DRAC III management cards.
We have installed Redhat 7.3 clean out of the box, and everything seems
to work fine. We have not
installed any Dell-specific software.

We now can't seem to find any (good) information about how to use the
DRACIII's with these
servers. The Dell-site mostly (if not only) talks about DRAC II's, and
we can't seem to find
what we exactly need to do to use the III's.

We've read about the linux OMSA 1.1.0 release, but it's not clear to us
if this is necessary to install
on our new servers (we rather not install any other software besides the
basic install we have made).
We want to manage the servers from a Win2K-machine.

Any directions/hints would be really appreciated, as we are quite lost

Best regards,

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