Poor PE4600 NFS performance

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Mon Aug 5 16:23:00 CDT 2002

On 5 Aug 2002, Rick Gaudette wrote:

> Hi John,
> Yes, the PERC-3 controller is configured and enabled.  We are getting
> 60-90 MB/sec read rates of the RAID-5 array.  Also, plain TCP
> communication occurs at about 67-85 MB/sec depending upon the particular
> gigabit NIC in the other machine.  These two benchmarks seem to imply
> that we should be getting much better NFS read performance.

hi rick,

not sure what advice you've already got, here are some tips on increasing
your nfs performance - some or all might be applicable.

o is this an intel gigabit card ? consider using the latest drivers (4.3.2)

o increase the number of nfsds available (128 is the normal maximum, which
  will increase soon i think)

o if you have end to end gigabit between your server and clients, you could
  consider increasing the MTU to 9000

o are your clients using 1K, 4K, 8K or 32K mount sizes ?  bigger sometimes is

o are you clients using nfs over UDP or TCP ?



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