New to RAID/Linux - PE2650, Redhat 7.3

jason andrade jason at
Mon Aug 5 16:16:59 CDT 2002

On 5 Aug 2002, Brian K. Jones wrote:

> There are two disks in this 2650 as it came from the factory.
> Obviously, they plug directly into the FRONT of the box.  However, what
> appears to be the RAID card has nothing plugged into it, and it's all
> the way in the BACK of the box (it says Adaptec 39160/Dell on it, and
> the chip right near the disks says Adaptec 7899).  How the heck do you
> connect the drives in front to the card in back?

the disks in the front generally plug into the ROMB (raid on motherboard)

the 39160 is NOT a raid card.  it is a scsi card which is useful for either
plugging in tape devices, or external storage (e.g a PV220S), or some
external raid chassis.

if you connect your internal drives to the 39160, that does not give you
any hardware raid.  i doubt it gives you anything different to plugging
it into the motherboard, which also has a U160 scsi channel.

dell motherboards (since the 2450 at least) with ROMB have 2 scsi
channels.  the first scsi channel becomes the RAID channel if you have
it enabled (physically, using a DIMM and key) as well as in the BIOS.
otherwise i believe it behaves as a normal SCSI channel.

the second channel is plain scsi and can be used to plug internal
scsi devices such as tape drives (which cannot be run off the RAID
channel when it is enabled).



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