New to RAID/Linux - PE2650, Redhat 7.3

Brian K. Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 5 08:11:00 CDT 2002

Thanks for the reply.  Sorry for the miscommunication - RAID 1
(mirroring) is what I want to do.  The question now is once I have my
root disk set up the way I want it, what's the device I'm aliasing in
modules.conf?  I don't remember ever putting a module into that file
just by itself on a line, but that appears to be what you're

Just want a clarification there.

Thanks for your help and patience.

On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 08:34, Seth Mos wrote:
> At 08:13 5-8-2002 -0400, Brian K. Jones wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have a PE2650 with the PERC3/Di RAID controller and an Adaptec 7899
> >SCSI card.  I'm running Redhat 7.3 (stock SMP kernel for now).  I don't
> >really know how lost I am, quite honestly, but what's happening is that
> >it *appears* that the aacraid driver is loaded upon bootup, but when I
> >run 'lsmod', aacraid is not listed.  Compounding this issue is the fact
> >that I have no idea what arguments to give the module to load it.  It's
> >also not listed in /etc/modules.conf.
> Just putting the module into /etc/modules.conf should do the trick and 
> kudzu should detect this automatically.
> >I installed the kernel docs and source, but the README that came with
> >the driver are really of absolutely no use in getting me started.
> >
> >My impression (which I admit may be wrong, at best) is that setting up
> >raid upon install with Redhat uses *software* RAID, but I should think
> >the hardware RAID would be much more reliable, not to mention faster.
> Opinions on this vary. In my opinion software raid is just as fast and 
> reliable as hardware raid. In most cases software raid is even faster then 
> hardware raid.
> I like software raid and it does what it is supposed to do. So far it 
> already saved me from 2 diskfailures. No dataloss to date.
> >I'd like to use the hardware to run RAID 0 - I only have two disks, so I
> >just wanna mirror the root disk.
> Raid 0 is striping not mirroring. Raid 1 is what you want.
> Cheers
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> Seth
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