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Mon Aug 5 06:59:00 CDT 2002

Hello David,

that was the solution! Thank you very much for the advise:

I've connected a XP Laptop to the ERA using Netscape 6.2 and was able to upgrade
the ERA firmware to revision 1.07 (via a tftp server running on the Laptop). A few minutes
later the server's fans slew down and the noisy servers stopped making so much noise ;-)))

I don't understand that neither the firmware's install documentation nor the Dell service and
service technicians told me this possibility. Everybody has told me to use the "Server
Administrator" as the only way to upgrade the firmware.

Again David, thank you very much!

Best regards,


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I can confirm that the firmware update to the 2650 RAC does indeed reduce
the noise of the fans to an acceptable level.

We have succesfully performed the procedure on 2 newly delivered 2650's.

I did have a little trouble with the update, as I first tried to connect to
the RAC via a crossover cable from the second ethernet port of the box under

Unfortunately, all the browsers I tried from a 7.3 Redhat installation could
connect but not display the RAC interface because of a java problem I
assume. It just came up with a blank page and a title and source that did
confirm the connection was ok.

Connecting a Win98 laptop to the RAC and browsing with IE was painless, and
after installing a required tftp server on the laptop the bios update was
very straight forward. I'm sure this does not require any OS or software
being present on the 2650.

I must admit it would have been easier if there was a floopy disk update
path, or if the known problem was fixed prior to shipping. has
forced us to look into the RAC features earlier that anticipated and we have
seen the benifits that can be had by using them.

David Schroeder
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> Hi folks,
> I forward you the lengthy discussion in order to get your support
> In summary the following problems/questions exist (PE 2650, RH 7.3, kernel
> - I was told to update the ERA firmware (in order to slow down the fans of
the noisy servers),
>   but the indicated procedure (Server Administartor) doesn't work: The ERA
entry "at the blue
>   sidebar" is missing (actual SA version 1.1.0, see below).
>   ==> How can I proceed?
> - Does the embedded remote access controller really have its own firmware?
Up to know
>   the following firmware releases are reported during startup:
>   "Embedded Server Management firmware revision 1.06"   <--- ??? ERA
firmware ???
>   "Primary Backplane firmware revision 0.25"
>   "BIOS A.04"
>   ==> Is there really special ERA firmware, and how can I get the version
> - The 5 fans in the PE2650 are running with a speed e.g (see below) of
7860 RPMs, with a minimun
>    threshhold of 7200 RPMs and a maximum of 9120 RPMs. So the speed range
is quite small.
>    May I expect that the servers are not so noisy when the fans are
running with 10% less speed?
> Any help or hint is very much appreciated. I've tried a lot, but now I
don't know how to proceed.
> Best regards,
> Patrik

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