PE7150 elilo doesn't start when full memory tests activated

Chris Pascoe c.pascoe at
Sat Aug 3 19:48:01 CDT 2002


I have a 4 CPU, 64GB PE7150 with BIOS A02 and RHL 7.2 installed.  After
having an unexplained hang of the system a few days ago, I enabled tests
of every memory row in the BIOS (for the First Row, Base and Extended
options), hoping to help pick up anything that may be a problem here.

With the BIOS configured like this after the hour or so of memory tests
the EFI boot loader finally starts.  However, when it (I guess) tries to
execute elilo.efi the system does not proceed any further (it just says
"Starting: Red Hat Linux").  If I revert the memory test settings to the
default, then the system boots normally.

Is this something peculiar to this machine, a bug in elilo, or something

On another note, are there any new BIOS revisions in the works for this
machine?  I recall seeing some articles just after A02 came out saying
that Compaq discovered some "sightings" that affect performance (see:,3658,s%253D701%2526a%253D19288,00.asp) and
supposedly a BIOS update would fix them.  Or are these (whatever they
are?) already addressed in the A02 revision?


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