PE 2650 and SLES7 - Dual Broadcomm Gigabit NICs not working

Mark Rittman mrittman at
Fri Aug 2 11:28:01 CDT 2002

I've now got things working fine.

I had to get hold of a file called bcm5700-sles7.gz (which was kindly provided to me by Hubert Mantel of SuSE) which I then had to gunzip and then DD to a blank floppy disk. I can provide this file should anyone want it. I did try downloading it from Matt Domsch's site, but the .gz file didn't seem to be valid.

Once the floppy disk had been written, I then reinstalled SLES7 using the CD ROM, and once the CD rom had  been used to boot the system, I placed the floppy in the floppy drive. The driver on the floppy was then read as part of the install process, and after the install was complete, I was able to configure the network card as normal.

So now I have got SuSE Enterprise Server 7 running on a Poweredge 2650 with the dual Broadcom Gigabit NICs.

Once again many thanks to Hubert Mantel

Mark Rittman

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At 10:54 2-8-2002 +0100, Mark Rittman wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience on getting SLES7 running on a 2650 with 
>the broadcomm NICs? Does anyone know if SuSE 8.0, or RHAS works?

There is a opensource tg3 driver available that works on 2.4.18 and is 
included in 2.4.19 (to be released) which is a lot better.

The broadcom cards still have quirks and I replaced them with Intel E1000XT 


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