dell 1650 - strange boot/install problem

Bryce C bryce8080 at
Fri Aug 2 09:02:01 CDT 2002


I have installed many identical 1650's over the past
few months, however today I installed a new box and
the system hangs at boot time during the "finding new
hardware..." step.

The system is:

Dell 1650
Redhat 7.3
75 gig raid 1 (with perc 3di)
dual 1.13 procs
1 gig ram (1 gig + 256 megs)
2 gigs swap
300 megs /boot/
rest (67 gigs or so) mounted as /

Has anyone saw anything like this before? The system
appeared to install fine (redhat's "server" install

I've installed quite a few other identical systems and
not had any problems. I'm stumped!

Any ideas?

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