PE 2650 and SLES7 - Dual Broadcomm Gigabit NICs not working

Mark Rittman mrittman at
Fri Aug 2 04:56:01 CDT 2002

Hi there,

we've just taken delivery of two PE2650's with the Dual Embedded BroadcomTM NetXtremeTM  Gigabit Server Adapter NICs.

I've just tried to install Suse Enterprisse Server 7 on it, which has gone fine except neither of the network cards seem to work.

When I use YaST2 to look at the network configuration, there are entries for both cards (at least, it's says 'BROADCOMM') but when I try to activate the cards, and get an IP address using DHCP, YaST2 gets stuck at 84% saying "starting network", then sits there for a minute or so, then says "No IP Addresses were assigned".

I guess this is some sort of driver problem. I've had a look around Matt Domsch's site, and seen that there are redhat7.1 drivers, but when I go to install the RPM, it comes up with dependency (including Kernel) errors.

Does anyone have any experience on getting SLES7 running on a 2650 with the broadcomm NICs? Does anyone know if SuSE 8.0, or RHAS works?



mrittman at

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