RH 7.2 kickstart on 1650 w/o RAID

David Sumner david.sumner at oracle.com
Thu Aug 1 07:41:01 CDT 2002

It does get the network connectivity without a problem.  In looking at the
box it's building from, it gets it's IP address via DHCP, and apparently is
able to pull down the netstg1.img (previously it had errored saying that it
couldn't find the file....it no longer gives that error....is there a way to
confirm this) file.  It's after this point that it gets stuck with the
/tmp/sda error.

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It pulls the SCSI driver from the netstg1.img image off of the network.

It doesn't need the disk really until after it gets network connectivity.


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> Thanks to everybody who sent me a reply.  Unfortunately, I still seem to
> stuck.  I did add the following line to the ks.cfg: device scsi
> aacraid --opts aacraid_pciid=0x1028,0x0A,0x1028,0x011B
> During the bootup the 3rd screen listed:
> found information on modules aacraid
> module to insert aacraid
> module aacraid not found
> load module set done
> module aacraid failed to insert
> I was told that this module does not have to be included in the
> and I'm a little confused as to where it's supposed to pull it from.
> Also, as an FYI, the image on the network share is just a copy of the Red
> Hat Advanced Server CDs.  Is there something on the Server Assistant
> Bootable CD that I should be swapping/using/copying into the image?  Does
> anybody have a working bootdisk image they'd be willing to e-mail, share,
> post, ????  I'm truly anxious to get this working today.  Thanks in
> http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge/2002-July/003507.html
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