Buying a Dell system without Windows?

Michel Gabbiano michel_gabbiano at
Sat Nov 4 09:05:21 CST 2006

The creation of this list is a great news for me, as
the owner of several Dell PCs running Linux!
I would like to know about your refund policy for
Windows: I understand that you sell your PCs with a
pre-installed OS, because this is what most people
want. But as a Linux user, Windows is useless to me.
It is just an useless 100$ expense! The OEM Windows
EULA states that Windows license can be refund by the
manufacturer of the computer if the EULA is rejected.
Nevertheless, Dell France refused to refund me when I
bought my last notebook, two years ago.
Will this statement of the Windows license soon be
respected by Dell, for the greatest satisfaction of
its customers?
I hope this list will result in decisions that will
make it easier to use Linux on a Dell PC, so that the
best software will be used with the best hardware!


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