initial debian packages of dkms

Steffen Barszus st_barszus at
Sat Dec 10 18:16:42 CST 2005

Matt Domsch schrieb:

>I built some debian packages of DKMS.  It's my first time building
>debs, so give it a try and be nice.
>Some things I noted:
>* Debian doesn't leave a prebuilt kernel tree sitting around.  This
>means you'll have to manually install kernel-source-${version} and
>then untar it in /usr/src/.  This also means that DKMS is going to do
>make mrproper in the prepare and clean steps.
>* The config file is available in /boot/config-$version-arch.
>* /lib/modules/*/source is a dangling symlink to nowhere useful
># dkms add   -m dell_rbu -v 0.8
># dkms build -m dell_rbu -v 0.8 \
>  --kernelsourcedir=/usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.8 \
>  --config=/boot/config-2.6.8-2-686
># dkms install -m dell_rbu -v 0.8
>worked for me on a Sarge i686 install.
Often but not always the kernel-header are sufficient to build packages, 
there you don't need to prepare something. I think this
is true for all modules that can be build the standard way outside the 
kernel (tried madwifi and lirc AFAIR)

>- figure out what mkdeb (akin to mkrpm) would look like
Should be pretty easy i think. Debian has a standard way of building 
third party modules. Please have a look
at the make-kpkg manpage. This can generate debs of your own kernel as 
well as third party module packages. There are  modulname-source
 "binary" packages  that contain tar-ed source that will be installed to 
/usr/src and if you untar it it will be uncompressed to 

~# ll /usr/src/modules/
drwxr-xr-x  4 root root 4096 2005-10-29 19:21 lirc

make-kpg modules_image with the right options will create the 
corrosponding module deb's

Hope this helps you to understand a bit. whats happening, i just learned 
it as well. There is some good documentation out there on how it is 
supposed to work.

>Packages at
I'll have a look at this i think :)

Kind Regards


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