[Crowbar] Can I have Gemfile.lock back?

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Thu Dec 20 07:40:47 CST 2012

Adam Spiers (aspiers at suse.com) wrote:
> So I'm now thinking b) might be better, and in SUSE we can just do
> bundle install --local at package build-time to generate Gemfile.lock.
> Then if our gem rpms don't provide versions which satisfy Gemfile's
> requirements, the crowbar-barclamp-crowbar package will fail to build,
> which is good.

Hmm, the downside of running bundle install --local at packaging-time
is that it would require a BuildRequires in the .spec to ensure that
each required gem is already in the local cache.  Writing those
manually is a pain, but they can only be generated from a
Gemfile.lock, which would require running bundle install --local,
which requires ... chicken and egg :-/

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