[Poweredgec-tools] C6145 bricked after flashing BIOS 3.3.2

biuro5 at profsoft.pl biuro5 at profsoft.pl
Fri May 9 03:28:03 CDT 2014


thanks for your answer.

Trying to force flash AMIBOOT.ROM was the very first thing we've done  
after it became clear, that server is bricked. Unfortunately, pushing  
the "ON" button results only in fans spinning at maximum speed. No USB  
dongles, pendrives or even keboards are responding. We've chcecked  
voltage output on USB sockets and it's correct, but motherboard still  
won't recognize any connected device.

The more we look for answers on internet forums, the more similar  
cases we see. Our cocnlusion is that BIOS 3.3.2 update is seriously  
flawed. We do have a lot of experience with Dell servers but it didn't  
protect us from frying two motherboards by attemting to perform simple  
update procedure. This update package is deadly!

Unfortunately our server's warranty expired some time ago, and we do  
not know who we should contact on this issue. The only response from  
Dell consultants was that "machine is probably broken, and has no  
warranty" like we didn't know that from very beginning. This update  
should be removed from official page or at least proper warning should  
be added.

We have some more questions:
Is there any way to extract BIOS chip from MoBo, reflash it with  
working BIOS 2.6.0 and solder it back?
Could you provide any information on how this can  be made, or is it  
even possible?


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