[Poweredgec-tools] C6145 bricked after flashing BIOS 3.3.2

Serwery Dell biuro5 at profsoft.pl
Wed May 7 00:34:12 CDT 2014

I upgraded BIOS in my C6145 to v3.3.2, and after reboot it stopped 
responding (NO POST, NO VIDEO).

I thought it was happen because I didn't upgrade the BMC before the 
BIOS, but on second board I firstly upgraded the BMC to the latest 
version 1.17 afterwards the BIOS to version 2.6.0 and everything was OK. 
Unfortunately I need 3.3.2 BIOS, so I flashed it on 2.6.0 and after that 
the second board was bricked like the first one.

When boards are in standby I have access to BMC/DRAC by WWW and by 

I have tried to flash older version of BIOS by ipmiflash, but it stops at:
"ipmiflash -f -H -U root -P root bios

Dell PE-C IPMI flash update tool | built: 2013-02-11 15:44:47

BMC (remote)         :
update fw target     : BIOS
update type          : forced (platform checking skipped)
preserve config      : no

Got reservation:  0x25
Pushing part 1/2 of URL into BMC...
Pushing part 2/2 of URL into BMC...
Triggered flash process to start.

The BMC will freeze during the update.  If you are watching via iKVM, 
you may need
to close the window and reconnect via the BMC web GUI once updating has 

Flashing Task ID:  48

Status:  (  1 sec) Transmitting Image
Status: (2566 sec) Validating Image"


When boards are power on, access by BMC/DRAC is limited. PING is 
temporary, e.g. 6sec ping and next 20sec unable to ping.

Is there any chance to unbrick this server?



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