[Poweredgec-tools] C6220: "bmc Controller access degraded or unavailable Deasserted" log and how to check FCB version in linux

n x xn20131031 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 11:36:34 CDT 2014


I have two questions about C6220, we use linux on all the machine.

1) After I used ipmi to shutdown some C6220 machines, they begin to give
plenty of "Controller access degraded or unavailable Deasserted" messages,
which makes sel log full quickly. I tried to update bios/bmc version to
2.25 to stop this kinds of warning, but on most of the machines, it didn't
solve this problem.
Any suggestions?

2) So I think to update the firmware of chassis(which is equal to fcb), but
I would like to know the version of FCB before I do theupdate. And I didn't
find how to check FCB version by command in linux? I don't want to check
the bios by reboot the machine because there are many machines, it is not
practic to do so.

Thanks in advance!

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