[Poweredgec-tools] BMC GUID

Sven Ulland sveniu at opera.com
Mon Mar 17 03:43:00 CDT 2014

On 03/13/2014 07:03 PM, Les Begnaud wrote:
> I know that the motherboard GUID is based on the service tag of the
> node, but every one of our cloud servers have the same “mc guid” for
> each node (we have 5 cloud servers)

Same here; the GUID varies only slightly between large sets (different
production runs, apparently) of C series servers. Globally unique,
indeed :)

An alternative is to construct a guid from the bmc lan port mac
address, obtained with 'ipmitool lan print', for example. Either hash
it with something like md5, or use a 10-byte prefix and tack the mac
address on at the end.


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