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Hi Erlend,

I'm not sure I understand the question - if the bmc tool handles it already, that's the way I would suggest doing it.  Technically it's just sending raw IPMI so you could get down to that level if there were a critical & compelling reason to do so..

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I see that the default bmc hostname has the following form:

On all our nodes this is rendered something like:


The last of the three DIGITs seem to conform to the BMC's "node number in chassis". Is it possible to set the two first DIGITs to something useful?

I understand that I am able to set bmc hostname by performing a command similar to:

  $ bmc hostname set FOOBAR

thus making it possible for me to do:

  $ bmc hostname set bmc-`bmc service_tag`-RACKNAME-RACKUNIT-`bmc node_number`

Is there any other way of "populating" those two first DIGITS?

Thanks. (And: thanks for a previous answer to a question of mine on the list.)


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