[Poweredgec-tools] BMC firmware update error on C6145

Nigel Williams Nigel.Williams at utas.edu.au
Wed Mar 5 20:00:26 CST 2014

That all went ok, but the ipmiflash tool appeared to be stuck in the Transmitting phase (I waited 15 minutes for cancelling it) and now of course the BMC is stuck in update mode, but for some reason this command:

[root at SomeHost pec]# ipmitool bmc reset cold
Failed to do cold reset to MC

Is failing, am I doing something wrong with that command? I notice that attempting to install the BMC tool fails with a dependency regarding OpenIPMI-tools (the fault was reported early last year but does not appear to be have been fixed).

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This has been discussed on the list a few times, but when I wen searching for something I didn't find any condensed answer. Here's what I did to get the firmware out.

sh C6145_blahblah.BIN --extract ./firmware

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