[Poweredgec-tools] BMC firmware update error on C6145

Nigel Williams Nigel.Williams at utas.edu.au
Wed Mar 5 18:01:12 CST 2014

Thanks John for your reply.

Is there an easy way to find just the flash update file compatible with IPMIFLASH? I see ROM files in the Floppy download but both are different sizes, presumably to suit the different DOS flash tools.

The Linux RPM seems to have the ROM file buried deep inside an archive file in a shell-archive, can it be extracted and will it work with IPMIFLASH?

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I've run into this problem several times in the past with no explanation of why it occurs, but there are a couple of solutions. Booting from the OMSA live cd will allow you to install the firmware from the .BIN package or alternatively ipmiflash has worked for me but only when ran from the local machine, not when connecting from a remote host.

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