[Poweredgec-tools] How to retrieve C6220 chassis service tag

Fishback, Steven C fishback at email.unc.edu
Wed Dec 10 10:31:00 CST 2014

This works for me:
  pdsh -a  'ipmitool fru | grep "Product Serial"'

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Hello guys,

I read in an earlier post that 'bmc allinfo' should report report the Chassis Setvice tag:

Unfortunately, I cannot find my chassis service tag in the output
(I only have one on these on record)

$ sudo /opt/dell/pec/bmc allinfo |grep -i <censored>
I'm using dell-pec-bmc-tool-2014.10.15-1.noarch

I can send the full output of the command and the actual Chassis Service tag upon request, but I'm not going to post in on a mailing list ;-)

Does anyone else have any idea?

Kind regards,

Kit Gerrits

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