[Poweredgec-tools] Chassis level policy nod holding its setting

Michael_Stumpf at Dell.com Michael_Stumpf at Dell.com
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I'm having trouble figuring out which settings you're referring to / expecting to stick.

"power_off" sounds more like the "restore on AC power loss" setting; not the throttling settings.  What are you trying to accomplish?

(BTW, setupbios is our BIOS config tool-not sure if that's what you used)

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My BIOS version is 1.0.28 and I am trying to set the power management setting chassis_level_policy to power_off. I use biosupdate utility to do that and the setting seem to be set after first reboot but its back to throttling after another reboot. Any idea how to make power_off setting persistent across reboots?

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